5 Reasons You Should Have A Qcard Digital Business Card
Having a Qcard digital business card is a great way to easily and quickly share contact information. It is a convenient way to store as much information as desired, without having to worry about printing costs or paper waste. Qcard digital business cards are also interactive, allowing for different functions and features to be embedded. All in all, digital business cards make contact management a breeze, allowing you to expand your connections without any hassle.

1. It is easy to share

Digital business cards make contact management a breeze, allowing you to share an unlimited amount of information quickly using a QR code or link.

2. It is customizable

You can create these cards online and customize them with your unique information. The Qcard Forever Free version even allows customizable QR codes and a personalized link. These are features you would have to pay for on other platforms.

3. It is paperless and eco-friendly

It is paperless and eco-friendly

Reduce printed business card pile-ups and throwaway waste. How many cards have you thrown away or put in that special never to be used pile?

4. It is cost-effective

Digital business cards are a cost-effective way to get your brand into the hands of your clients. The Qcard Digital Business Card has two options:

  1. Forever Free
  2. Professional @ $48/yr

5. It is interactive

Digital business cards allow you to make your contacts interactive, embedding different functions and features.

Get started free at is a service of Local Influence, LLC in New Caney, TX and part of the GNDigital Network.

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