The floppy disk is still kickin’ - The Hustle
The humble floppy disk, invented in 1971, is still in use today.

The floppy disk is still kickin’ - The Hustle

Sara Friedman

March 8, 2023

Once upon a time, before the cloud, flash drives, or CDs were invented to store our files, there was a humble plastic square called a floppy disk.

Released in 1971, the floppy disk (which today’s young’uns might recognize only as the “save” icon) allowed people to transfer data and programs between computers.

Although the last major manufacturer, Sony, stopped making floppy disks in 2011, there’s still some tech that relies on the remaining supply, per Wired.

Floppies were even used in the US nuclear weapons program up until 2019. And, they can be a medium for some pretty cool art.

… one man holds his ground. Tom Persky runs from a California warehouse filled with hundreds of thousands of disks.

Welp, we said the word “floppy” too much and now it sounds weird. Here’s why it’s called that, BTW. is a service of Local Influence, LLC in New Caney, TX and part of the GNDigital Network.

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