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When someone refers you for business, do they refer you by company name or your personal name? If it's the latter then you are in the right place.

When you are referred personally, it means you've earned their trust and respect and they are willing to use their own reputation to recommend you. Is this already happening? If so, would you like to have it happen even more?

That's the benefit of Guru Ninjas, the content-rich directory of go-to-experts you want to connect with. It's designed to increase exposure and boost credibility for your personal brand, your name. It's not only for personal branding credibility but search engine credibility as well. Guru Ninjas listings are feature-rich allowing you to create website, social, and descriptive backlinks. You could stop right here and benefit but you would be missing out on much more if you did.

Personal branding can be uncomfortable and difficult for some. You are promoting yourself, talking about yourself, and sharing images and videos of, you guessed it... yourself. What are you, some kind of narcissist? If your business relies on you, your name, knowledge and skill, you need to become comfortable with it.

A guru is a teacher or expert and a ninja is one who excels in a skill or activity. Sharing your knowledge using content is key to earning trust not only with readers but search engines. Guru Ninjas offers ways to share search-engine-friendly content. Each of these allows you to create valuable backlinks within to help with better search rankings. In fact, you should be using these features on any website or blog you have access to. What are the three ways?

The first and most effective is Guru Ninja Articles. This is one way to share your area of expertise with helpful information that readers can learn from. You're not trying to specifically sell them something here but inform them. You can write these articles full of keyword-rich content that you can use to link back to your own website or blog.

The second is Guru Ninjas Photo & Video Albums. This is an area I haven't even taken full advantage of yet! What can be accomplished here? Well, the obvious benefit is to visually show what you do or what you've accomplished to help boost your credibility. Here is an example I've started for a personal Greater EMC Chamber photo album. For search engine credibility, the benefit is found in the photo album description. You can also add keyword-rich titles and descriptions to each of your photos within the albums. I'm really looking forward to working more on this feature myself.

When it comes to branding it's all about the name. Because Guru Ninjas is about personal branding you should always include your name with your articles and link it to where you'd like search engines to send others to learn more about you.


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